Ambroise Soulé

I believe that strategy stems from the street, the breathing place of culture, where youth create and grow, where its truth lies, and where its trends live.

At Yard, we aim to serve and fuel youth culture as a brand and help other brands do so. Strategy plays a key role in that ambition. We connect with behaviors, habits, psychologies, and community patterns. We lay good grounds for any marketing action to address the right tension. We serve culture from within rather than just plundering it from afar.

Strategy keeps us grounded to best propel our ideas and best grow our business.

After ten years in the industry, it gets easy to lose sight — and touch — of that. That’s why we founded BackYard in 2019. Yard’s cultural study unit allows brands to deeply connect with the driving forces of youth in many industries – sport, lifestyle, fashion, creativity, spirits, and beauty – through consumer studies, cultural reports, and product testing.

Coming from DDB eight years ago, Ambroise started at Sid Lee as a planner where he participated in the repositioning and development of global brands such as Salomon, Honda, KFC, PSG, and Ubisoft.

He’s now in charge of implementing strategic recommendations, brand building, and marketing plans for all of Yard’s partners.

He’s been leading the strategic work of the agency with Nike for four years now – football, basketball, sportswear, and dance in France; sneakers, football, and dance in EMEA; and football, communities, and basketball culture in Global Yard alongside other brands such as Havana Club, Apple, Netflix, and Dior.