Andy Bateman

To fully evolve a next generation creative company in the USA is no small challenge. The benefit of having no real legacy helps, but we need to fully embrace this if we are going to help clients solve some of their biggest growth challenges.

With creativity at the core of everything we do; my role is to steer the business to move faster; be brave and bold on our clients’ behalf; and make sure we’re applying world class creativity to the problems that matter; building the next generation of progressive marketing and branding skills and capabilities that will help our clients grow.

Having worked in executive roles as a client, management consultant and service provider across agencies and consultancies throughout the marketing mix, I’m convinced that creative companies are the key to unlocking growth for our clients. Quite simply, we are going to need to help imagine what’s next, where to grow, what will differentiate. No amount of process will get you there – creativity is the X-Factor. And that’s what we have and why I’m here.