Caroline Travers

Caroline has served as the Head of Brand for Yard since January 2022 and embodied the DNA since February 2014.

After college years split between Madrid and San Francisco, Caroline worked for Billy Mann, founder of Manncom Creative, a talent management company in New York City. Manncom helped fine-tune her communications and professional skills as a music and talent coordinator and was instrumental in preparing for Caroline’s integration into the Yard team.

Being the only woman in an all-male office for the first two years didn't come as a challenge. It was natural. Most importantly, it allowed her to organically highlight women's influence and powerful impact within a team. And when Yard integrated with kyu, her mission became clear: to pursue inclusivity and equality within the group.

Caroline believes that the more involved we are, the more relevant we remain, and the more impactful we grow. From drilling Yard Summer Club’s billboards and hosting international artists to cleaning up the office fridge and dealing with venue owners over financial matters, she has always been all hands on deck.

Caroline aims for unification and her goal is to keep Yard’s brand in line with the company's core values: putting in the work and respecting the people, whatever status they have, and individually aiming for the good, as a unit reaching for the better.