Jack Anderson

In my role as Chairman, I work closely with Jeff, our CEO, to enable Hornall Anderson to be founder-inspired and to win.

I do this with a focus on three areas. First, I create new business opportunities for the firm. Second, through our work, I help our people believe they can influence the future. Finally, I advise on the business by leveraging my long history with the firm and by using my futurist nature to look forward with curiosity.

What are you most excited about for kyu's next five years?

How do we design the future? I continually explore this question and wonder about how we can help clients navigate an ever-changing competitive environment. Within this same context, I evaluate where HA should place its energy and passion, and how we should redefine our relationship both with our clients and with our fellow member companies to ensure we make our most significant contributions as designers, inventors, and storytellers.