Nish Patel

As CEO of Napkyn, I am focused on building an organization that helps our customers achieve the promise and potential of being data driven.

Diversity matters in a time when our customers and indeed the world are crying out for innovation. I have seen the value of inviting and creating space for people from different backgrounds and experiences. Creating a culture of sharing and engaging with each other's ideas. So that we can address today's challenges with tomorrow's answers.

What are you most excited about for kyu’s next 5 years?

We are at the start of one of those periods in history where everything is going to change. The years to come will be more challenging and chaotic than the last seventy five. This will also be during our lifetimes the greatest opportunity to make a dent in the universe and build a better tomorrow. kyu is one of those rare organizations that can change the world by leveraging its collective network, experience, and talent. We want to be part of making that change happen.