Patrick Godfrey

Leading the firm’s strategy practice, I work with clients to define their purpose, craft relevant and compelling narratives to keep their focus sharp, employees engaged, and audiences listening.

As a strategist, marketer, entrepreneur, and thinker I help the creators of some of the world’s most significant innovations capture attention, build understanding, and shape the public conversation. I have steered through the radical upheaval in media, advertising, and publishing to found two highly successful businesses, Godfrey Q in 2003 and Godfrey Dadich Partners in 2017.

Why did you join kyu?

GDP is purpose-built for the complex times we live in. The time has come for leaders to take control of their own narratives and tell the stories they want—and need—to see out in the world. Shifts in the world warrant new partnership and collectivism, and we are confident kyu will provide a powerful propellant to our mission.

Official Bio