BEworks – Where science and innovation meet

BEworks is a collective of scientists and behavioral experts with a passion for learning, a deep expertise in their respective fields of psychology, marketing, economics, and neuroscience, and a keen sense of humor. BE-ers are passionate about understanding why people make the choices they do, and believe that science is the best framework we have to understand those choices.

Scientists don’t need to be business leaders, but business leaders ought to be scientific
— Kelly Peters

We are a tight-knit group: we eat lunches together, read Feynman together, and operate as a strong peer-review and peer-support team. If you stop by the office, you are likely to find us engaged in intense intellectual discussions on anything from creativity to astronomy to what happens when humans don’t have to work because we have robots for everything. BEworks is a place where ideas, however crazy or controversial, are always encouraged to be discussed, debated and tested so that the very best ideas rise to the top.