DK was founded on a rare chemistry between cinematic engagement and high-fidelity brand experiences.

We believe our competitive advantage is a firsthand discipline that our people and clients bring to projects. Calling our belief a “philosophy” isn’t enough, because the DK thinker + maker culture demands a vision that can actually manifest. No one at DK is just an “ideas person” or “execution guy.”

DK reveres the thinker and maker — the joy of doing and the craft in bringing an idea to life. We impatiently test the connection between strategy and execution. Onlookers see pop-up prototyping that may sit for a week only to be reimagined or reconfigured.

We raise the value of both entertainment and consumer franchises through perpetual innovation, while applying brand principles to entertainment and entertainment to brands.

Most importantly, DK stands on the shoulders of greats — each other. Our culture is a tradition of the collective genius, not the solitary creative wizard. We insist on collaboration, and then get out each other’s way.
That’s the 20-year legacy of DK.