600 artisans. 5 cities. 1 passion.

We are a collective of lateral thinkers, thrill-seeking daredevils, happy campers, hopeless dreamers, entrepreneurial spirits, midnight oil burners, curious problem solvers, status quo-phobes.
Yes, life at Sid Lee is intense.
We’ve worked hard to get to where we are, but that doesn’t mean we’re about to rest on our laurels. If anything, our success only makes us work harder. We’ve built a corporate culture around the agreement that the status quo sucks. It blows. It kills you slowly. That’s why we prefer bold decisions to boring ones. Sometimes this gets us in trouble, but we wouldn’t want it any other way.

We elect to transform the agency even when the going is good, embracing change and never heeding the siren song of the status quo. Sid Lee has repeatedly morphed itself — sometimes by taking real risks — to better adapt to changing consumers, technologies and markets.

Overinvesting time and money to deliver on a creative promise is hard (and we’ve done it), but so is asking questions that are difficult to answer, or proposing ideas that go beyond the brief. It’s this kind of day-to-day striving to be bolder, better, and brighter that makes us who we are. Some people think it’s exhausting. Others find it the most thrilling challenge in their life. We’ll let you be the judge. But, take it from us, you’re not likely to get bored.