11 / 22 / 2017

For many in the U.S., Thanksgiving marks the start of what can be a hectic holiday session – but it can also be a moment to reflect and give thanks. Below we look back on just a few highlights from 2017 that we are thankful for.

Working together
BEworks IDEO_June 2017
Team IDEO + BEworks
It is not easy, but our member companies have made great strides in working together. From sharing advice and resources to partnering up on pitches, we are grateful for members who are always ready and willing to help one another out.

And playing hard together
Team Mitsubishi 2
Celebrating in Tokyo after a pitch
Our members may work very hard, but they also know how to enjoy themselves, too!

New faces
New Faces
BEworks, Mic, Hornall Anderson, Datascope, YARD – such diverse companies have not only joined our collective in 2017, but also brought an incredibly inspiring energy to our group.

Support from Tokyo
The first kyu-HDY networking event was held last January
Much of kyu’s growth simply would not be possible without support from Hakuhodo DY Inc (HDY). From CEO Toda-san’s constant presence and guidance to the first-ever kyu-HDY networking event, our relationship with our Japanese colleagues has only deepened in the past year, and we look forward to building more collaborations in 2018.

Cultural exchange
Our first kyu Maru participants: Masako (left) at Sid Lee and Peihwa (right) at SYPartners
The launch of the kyu Maru exchange program saw the first cohort of HDY members from Tokyo spending time with a kyu member company. The eye-opening experience sparked many conversations, new ideas, and new friendships – not only for our Japanese participants but also for our American and Canadian teams who worked closely with them.

A new home
kyu home
In 2017, kyu moved into its official headquarters in New York (more to come on our year anniversary). With kyu labs to come next year, we hope it will be even more of a hub for our members to come and visit when they are in town. (A special thank you to SYPartners’ ops team who assist us greatly in running the kyu offices!)

Our leaders
IMG_0205 copy
Our leaders at the kyu Leadership Summit in November
Our leaders work incredibly hard to make kyu and its member companies the best they can possibly be.

Participants at a workshop at the kyu Collective Canvas
As a collective, kyu is only as good at its members – and we are lucky to have some of the most brilliant, hardworking, and creative minds in our community. Thank you for your support!