02 / 26 / 2018
kyu Around the World: A Glimpse into RedPeak Asia

Meet RedPeak Asia. Nested in the iconic Taipei 101, once the world’s tallest building, RedPeak Asia is a place where creativity and strategy come together to build brands that bond. We are a group of change-makers and dreamers. Take a glimpse at our company rituals to get a feel for how we “bond”!

RedPeak_1_Dream Job

Bonding over our DREAM JOB
Driven by our can-do spirit, we do everything we can to bring the world to Asia and to bring Asia to the world, even if that entails seeing the sunrise in the office. We stay agile and dynamic to meet our clients’ changing expectations in a rapidly changing world. We stay curious and young at heart to tackle challenges with creativity and fresh perspectives. Most important of all, we do all this together as a team, even more than a team, with shared beliefs and aspirations.


Bonding over CUISINE
Food is undeniably an integral part of Chinese culture. In fact, the Chinese often greet each other with “have you eaten?” which essentially means “how are you?” In this cultural context, we welcome new members by bringing them to hot pot for team lunch, the ultimate communal dining experience with everyone sharing a pot of delectable foods in a roundtable setting; the table’s circular shape also symbolizes gathering and fulfillment. We also cook together in our office kitchen—a deeply treasured space that makes our office feel more like a home—where we enjoy all kinds of meals on a daily basis, and venture on unique culinary escapades from time to time.


Bonding over SPORTS
Challenges not only make us stronger, but also reinforces our bond in predicaments. It is our tradition for the entire company to climb up our office building, the tallest building in Taiwan, every year. That’s 390 meters, 91 floors, and 2,046 steps, conquered every year! The 101 Climb-Up also serves as an initiation ritual for new members, to test their will power and drive. Besides the annual Taipei 101 Climb-Up, we also routinely challenge our team’s comfort zone by partaking in a range of hardcore outdoor trainings, ranging from skiing, rock climbing, kayaking and sailing.


Bonding over FESTIVALS
Chinese New Year is the most important holiday for our office. It is a time for celebration, reflection, and setting goals. It is our tradition to resume work after the holiday by participating in a building-wide ceremony to make prayers for good luck and prosperity, while offering Gods all kinds of tasty snacks (which will eventually go into our stomachs). A real-life God of Fortune will walk around and distribute red envelopes to everyone, as dragon dance unfolds and immerses the crowd in festive spirit (dragons are luck-bringers in Chinese mythology).

Beyond building brands that bond, ultimately we ourselves bond with each other like a family. We look forward to bonding with all of you in the kyu family!