Red Peak
03 / 04 / 2016
User-Centric Brands Win Favor With Millennials

User centrism is the most important brand value to Millennials, according to a new survey by Red Peak Youth.

The branding and design agency conducted a survey of 6,000 American men and women, who ranged in age from 18 to 34 years old, to determine which of a brand’s values correlated most with customer loyalty, customer love and brand momentum. The six values that millennials correlated most with loyalty, love and momentum were:

1. User centric – a brand’s desire to focus on customers and make them happy

2. Design – a brand’s aesthetics

3. Altruism – a brand’s purpose, employee relations and commitment to good

4. Ingenuity – a brand’s willingness to challenge the status quo and/or uniqueness

5. Personality – a brand’s expression of a unique tone of voice

6. Participation – a brand’s ability to foster community for the customer and allow for expression

This article was originally published on AMA Marketing News, March 4, 2016.