03 / 15 / 2016
SYPartners introduces new event series

This March, SYPartners hosted veteran foreign correspondent and consulting editor at The Economist, John Andrews, to discuss his latest book: “The World in Conflict.”

The event was the first in a series of upcoming events around SYPartners’ emerging leadership frame, Leading into the Unknown, which offers a way of thinking about and executing on leadership in an era defined by near-constant change.

The topic of the event was this: As leaders today find themselves affected by waves of global conflict and political/social unrest, how might they navigate these unknowns and what makes them successful?

Guests from SYPartners’ client and collaborator community gathered for cocktails and conversation in the company’s New York office. During the evening, Andrews posed that the world’s most impossible problems are resolved through the will and determination of individual leaders.
Guests discussed a leader’s most valuable qualities—grace, imagination, and resilience being among them—and found the most powerful leaders are guided by a clarity of vision and recognize the power of narrative to capture people’s hearts.

SYPartners is looking ahead to more exploration of Leading into the Unknown. Information on these events can be found by subscribing to the SYPartners email list.