Credit: Red Peak

A New Kind Of Collective

kyu is a collective — one with a strategically curated number of partner organizations. Each shares a belief that creative collaboration yields new solutions to the world's toughest problems. The kyu collective comes together to invent, make, prototype and design. All partner companies harness their creativity as a force of positive impact for the constituents they have always served — and our firms join together on key issues to propel the greater economy and society forward.

The creativity inherent in kyu is wide-ranging. It manifests itself in business strategy. Work that changes culture. Marketing and communications. And design applied to everything from products, tools, and services to architecture, human experiences and the systems that underpin modern business and life. We are taking a long view: kyu's intention is to transform companies and industries, create breakthrough products and services, return meaning to branding, reinvent how governments serve citizens, confront the issues of our time and fuel larger societal-impact movements.
Member companies
The kyu collective consists of carefully curated companies that represent deep expertise and accomplishment in their fields of expertise, but who feel together can have a higher-order impact.
Partner companies
Partner companies represent key investments for kyu. Offering specific and unique platforms they work closely with member companies to make a greater impact for kyu’s clients and other stakeholders.
kyu, the strategic operating unit of Hakuhodo DY Holdings, was created in 2014 to ensure the continuous enhancement of specialization and innovation in the Hakuhodo DY Group. Michael Birkin heads kyu as Chief Executive Officer.
The Powerful Now
One of kyu’s first endeavors of creative collaboration, The Powerful Now was an initiative launched at The White House in 2015 that brought creativity to the topic of aging. Recognizing that 50+ year-old citizens across the world represent the third largest economic superpower, The Powerful Now assembled leaders from across industries, sectors and nations to create radical new offerings and solutions.