Andy Oglesby photo
Andy Oglesby
Production manager at SYPartners

Andy Oglesby – Balancing creative pursuits

Like so many of our kyu colleagues, Andy brings a mix of expertise and experience to his creative work. He’s been the co-owner of a bar, a freelancer at the best of the Bay Area design and creative firms and a touring musician in indie bands (he even played at SXSW). Learn how it all comes together in his role as a Production Designer…

I strive to find a balance between music and work. It’s all an opportunity to be creative.

A proud San Francisco transplant, Andy spent his youth playing music in punk and indie bands and quickly fell in love with the Macintosh when it came out. Now it’s a key tool of his trade.

“Being in a band teaches you a lot,” he says—everything from getting creative with design making flyers, album covers and T-shirts to learning to collaborate with people who have very different skillsets. Today, Andy works alongside teams to come up with production concepts and strategies, helping SYPartners’ most visible clients make change happen in their organizations.