Chloe Langevin photo
Chloe Langevin
Vice President of Partnerships at C2

Chloe Langevin – Pretty Gritty

Led by a passion for foreign affairs, young Chloe dreamt of leaving a lasting dent in social injustice by working at the head of the UN. After obtaining her B.B.A. and a dual Master’s in International Affairs & Armed Conflict Resolution (badass), this fresh-faced and down-to-earth humanitarian realised that her purpose would best be served igniting creative liaisons between the world’s top execs within long-term and life-changing projects – hustling as C2’s Vice President of Partnerships, instead.

So, rather than put out fires, Chloe now builds the pits. And while her doe-like features and glinting eyes make her easily approachable, she isn’t afraid to rattle the cage to get what she needs – and is far from being blindsided by big fluff (or bluff).

You have to have the guts to go up to anybody in the world. What have you got to lose? If you don’t make an impression, they’ll just forget you.

After working in government – where it was difficult to make much of a difference at all – this human relations expert perused the first edition of C2 Montreal and saw much more than impressive installations and art – but rather infinite potential.

Now, jet setting around the globe and driven by her unwavering desire for social sustainability, she’s become a leader who knows exactly which unconventional characters to mix and match to get the smoke signals going…