Clark Scheffy photo
Clark Scheffy
Managing Director at IDEO

Clark Scheffy – Stay True To Your Bacon

Having written & edited several books for the For Dummies series, Clark’s got a few tricks up his sleeve… And, as living proof that the multidisciplinary leads to the extraordinary, he has also worked in civil engineering, tossed skillets & spatulas as a chef, spread out sheet music as a composer, sold his own designer lamps, and collected a set of quirky (yet complementary) degrees – before interning at IDEO. Now a 360° team builder who’s all about brand work, easy-going Scheffy is interested in content, as well as increasing partner companies’ purpose and culture.

It’s easy to measure a transaction, and very difficult to measure experience. But experience is what drives long-term relationships with brands.

A firm believer that a brand’s inner values should be reflected in its outer image, Clark respects those who hold fast and true to their integrity. But as the industry tide changes, all one can do is ride the wave. And so he stays firmly rooted in a couple of his own habits and never strays too far from his favorite seaside joint, where he ponders upon biz dev, bacon on the side… “There are days where you just need a little grease to get things going.”