Colin Davis photo
Colin Davis
VP of Production and Resource Management at Digital Kitchen

Colin Davis – More Pie Charts, Please!

With a PHD in biology, Colin launched his career as a student of the effects of hormones on the brain, before becoming a medical software developer, and eventually putting his love of typography and production skills to good use as DK’s “big scary beautiful (and nerdy) robot”.

Seriously organised, this self-proclaimed Swiss Army knife’s job involves keeping track of oh so many things… Roadblocks and hurdles aside, Colin’s a pro at ironing out the creases, thanks to the magic of pie charts galore.

I like to break everything down into problems you can solve.

Driven by his interest in human connections, he knows it’s all about getting to know people; to understand what they want to do, stop interrupting them and start helping them, instead. As far as self-knowledge goes, Colin’s got his very own pie chart that depicts what gets him excited… Attributing 4% to cinnamon rolls, 12% to sexy times, and 8% to work that makes the world a better place, it seems he’s got his priorities set straight. Despite his busy schedule, Colin also makes time for his inner artist and passion for photography, which allow him to inspire emotions in others (not to mention, meet some pretty people along the way)!