Damien Moore-Evans photo
Damien Moore-Evans
Head of Business Development at Red Peak

Damien Moore-Evans – Easy Going, Easy Living

With an urban flavor and a tweak of city slick, Damien landed in NYC without a job or visa – which made for quite the story… once he was approached to become Head of Business Development at Red Peak. But with his easy smile and mindful positive attitude, the base liquors to his distilled brand, it comes as no surprise that the ride up wasn’t too rough. Especially since the man also knows how to embrace the fall (and fail!), leaving the past behind to full appreciate the present moment – an outlook that goes hand in hand with the type of risk-taking that allows him to get ahead.

Originally from the UK (and also quite proud of his French heritage), Damien also appreciates how his culture takes its time (with good wine), although he himself still prefers to kick it in the fast lane.

At the end of the day, business is about human connection.

Doused with an international mindset (not to mention an outgoing & ever so slightly eccentric persona), D man wrangles in new clients & clicks the right peeps together for kyu. While some might boast about such responsibilities, Damien makes it a point to keep his ego – and headspace – in check. Steering clear of getting cocky, he prefers to keep it real.

Despite his young age, he most definitely doesn’t lack that enticing professional edge that keeps the black sheep coming…