David Leclerc photo
David Leclerc
Motion Designer at Sid Lee

David Leclerc – Quirky Collector

Sporting his black rimmed hat, with “Don’t decorate crap” boldly written on a Post-It nearby, David scours the web for the next big thing – trusty Sharpie in hand. A Sid Lee Motion Designer, this dude’s also a no-nonsense & no-school DYI kind of guy – who isn’t drawn by the technical aspect of his job as much as its creative process. Whether it be sewing, sculpture, 3D, painting or modeling, David simply loves learning new things…

The mistakes you make sometimes add style to the things you do...

Influenced by the punk rock aesthetic growing up, it comes as no surprise that he’s also somewhat obsessed with skulls, strategically placed on his desk – surrounded by a collection of odd and quirky objects. His office is somewhat chaotic – but it’s not that he’s disorganized… David just likes to collect things that might come in handy one day. Part of what inspires him is the ability to put his brain on hold by rummaging through his archives. Toying with moving images aside – David also loves to kick back with his skateboard. In his active playground of a mind, there seems to be no rules but the ones he makes up… Guerrilla style.