Diana  Rhoten photo
Diana Rhoten
Associate Partner at IDEO

DIANA RHOTEN – The Better World Designer

A street-smart woman from the country, Diana was born to be a cowpoke– but raised to be a game changer. Diana is interested in impactful design and working at the heart of Design for Change: “People are overwhelmed by connectivity, exhausted by consumption and shocked by corruption,” she says. It’s her dream to ensure the future looks better in every way imaginable…and designable.

I always really wanted things to be right in the world.

As a catalyst for change, Diana’s been putting herself in others’ shoes since she was a kid (but hasn’t always remembered to put her own oxygen mask on first)! Whether it was mini Greenpeace missions in the summer or aiding fallen skiers on the winter slopes, it would appear there’s always been something a little Wes Anderson about her life…

In order to keep shaping a better future, Diana now puts her altruistic energy towards helping influential organisations re-imagine who they are, knowing that design can play a fundamental role by offering concrete solutions to complex problems.