Elana Gorbatyuk photo
Elana Gorbatyuk
VP Strategy & Partner at Sid Lee

Elana Gorbatyuk – A Curious Listener

As a refusenik child, born in a politically unstable country, Elana bounced from place to place, fleeing political, social and religious insecurity. Originally from Kiev, in what was Soviet Russia at the time, she grew up to be electric & radiant. With bouncy hair tossed around, big expressive glasses and a beaming smile, Elana knows that any excuse is good to embrace life’s beauty.

Oppression in childhood seems to have had a reverse effect, this playful lady now seeks out any opportunity to embrace self-expression, exchanges and deeper understanding…

The ability to think critically moves the world forward.

An empathetic Sid Lee Strategist – and humanitarian – Elana is a listener, who believes in putting people at the heart of every thought and seeking out various points of view –experience has taught her that ignorance is the enemy. So, curious about all things art, culture and anthropology related, what she really is, is a people expert whose research is driven by the desire to understand what makes us tick, like the chords of a melody, played together and in sync.