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Gregory Perez
Design Director at IDEO

Gregory Perez – Inspiring Surroundings

Uprooted by choice Gregory migrated from Shanghai to Tokyo – to be dipped into a culture completely different from his own. Now surrounded by tall,colorful buildings, he explores the fun and overwhelming nooks and crannies of Japan. Drawn in by the city’s music scene and undercurrents, he also indulges in his weekly Saturday hobby… visiting local record stores to dig up the best of their oldest grooves.

Ask yourself: How can you use your life as your inspiration for your work?

Greg directs his teams by plucking from the air, from his memory, and from what surrounds him. To him, it’s about living in a place, absorbing it, and breathing in all the things that make it interesting: “Here, nothing is as it seems. Everything is UP somewhere. You never know what’s inside an eight-story building – until you actually go in,” he says. With outlooks that lead to introspection and to work that reflects the dynamics of the city, Greg is also driven to create things that are relevant to more than just Japan: “Innovation is happening all around the world and Japan is jumping right back into the game. Our clients walk away transformed: Thinking deeply about the culture, rather than just the business itself.”