Guillaume Cardell photo
Guillaume Cardell
Creative Director at Sid Lee

Guillaume Cardell: The Panther

With several gold rings, giant ad-glasses and a reputation that precedes him, Guillaume’s effortless elegance, sharp mind and style are hard to miss. But don’t be fooled – the man is much less intimidating than he seems. Not only does he sign his emails Papa Cardell, he’s got a kid he loves to death and who reminds him that – despite appearances – he himself is still a kid at heart…

I don’t work. I play.

As Sid Lee Studio’s Creative Director, Guillaume is a tester, thinker and a tinker – who isn’t too fond of labels. Although fascinated by all things visual and animated, he’s not an artist, or a motion or graphic designer but a passionate, slightly eccentric, detail-oriented risk-taker and an all-around creative guy.

It comes as no surprise that his tailored and insightful dedication led him to become a self-made installation artist, co-founding his own internationally awarded graphic design shop and co-creating Reborn, a high-end designer store in the Old Port of Montréal.

“I don’t like people who stay in their comfort zone. I like people who aren’t afraid to go commando style… Let’s hit it!”