Hiroo Takeda photo
Hiroo Takeda
Communications Manager at kyu

Hiroo Takeda – The Omotenashi Bridge

Relaxed, engaged, and a smooth-running B-boy, Hiroo represents an important bridge on the globe that is kyu. Working as our Communications Manager, he oversees the creative links between our collective network of member companies. As an avid globetrotter himself, Hiroo is also well aware that his role involves much more than bridging the gap between language and cultural differences; most importantly, he focuses on paying attention to people’s respective emotions.

Operating within the guiding principles of “Omotenashi” – or hospitality – Hiroo always makes a point of adding a little extra attention to each interaction to make sure his peers are happy and comfortable. It’s of course incredibly kind, but it’s also very befitting, as this philosophy is an important keystone of our Japanese work ethic.

I am not American. I am not Italian. I am Japanese. And that’s my uniqueness – especially when I step outside my country.

Always looking on the bright side and respectfully pushing himself past his comfort zone, Hiroo isn’t interested in being the best at everything – but rather his own top gun within a certain field. With dedication and modesty, his current mission is to help propel both society and the economy forward by forging a united front, where all parts of our scattered puzzle can come together in harmony… and efficiently harness kyu’s collective creativity.