Jean Pelland photo
Jean Pelland
Architect, Partner at Sid Lee

Jean Pelland: Straight Cut with A Heart of Gold

While architecture is all about fine lines and blue prints, Jean is all about the subtle in-betweens that allow him to bend the rules, steering clear of his art’s more formal and traditional approaches. And, as one of the two main co-partners of Sid Lee Architecture, he also challenges the status quo daily, with every HB pencil stroke, leaving unconventional traces that will stand the test of time.

Forged by a family of wood and metal workers, Pelland was drawn to his calling at a young age. But, little did he know that he would have to unlearn what he was taught in school to broaden his mind and deconstruct established perceptions… just like Picasso, who look a lifetime to unearth his childlike imagination – and whom Jean now looks to for inspiration.

If you remain open minded, if you’re willing to adopt a new approach, you’ll find new ways of doing things.

In a leap of faith, he and his partner fused their firm – NOMADE – with Sid Lee: a move that left him ostracized from their professional community… but, like many at Sid Lee, Jean isn’t afraid of taking chances – or mixing and matching different mediums, to bring about ground-breaking ideas.

Behind what some call his imposing, dark and mysterious mask, there lies a humble humanitarian, simply looking to contribute to society, one strong and positive social impact at a time.