Justin Massa photo
Justin Massa
Director of Business Strategy at IDEO

Justin Massa – The Motley Pirate

An admitted glutton and tattoo-covered descendant of a French pirate, Justin is a good old bon vivant. Fascinated with data collection, he knows that information is precious when merged with design, as one can leverage it to predict and influence the future. Backed with cartography-covered arms, it would appear that this Director of Business Strategy at IDEO knows a thing or two about navigating the industry’s currents – by embracing any storm and without taking everything too seriously.

Chicago’s studio for IDEO is quintessentially Chicago: We’re very practical, a little humble, and we can hold our liquor!

With an open attitude and laid-back ease, Justin spends half his time on the business side of creativity – while the other half is spent supporting IDEO’s food studio. Having grown up in New Orleans, he also admits to being slightly obsessed with seafood – both ashamed and impressed by how many oysters he can manage to gulp down in one sitting.

Now a facilitator and translator between two groups that wouldn’t have otherwise come together, Justin knows that the best way to assemble any crew is to pull people in from different backgrounds and crafts, put them on the same boat, and watch how they navigate the waves.