Kelly Dorsey photo
Kelly Dorsey
Associate Creative Director at Digital Kitchen

Kelly Dorsey – Banana Rama

Oh na na, what’s my name? Oh na na, what’s my name? Just kidding, this ain’t no Rihanna song – but if it were, Kelly would be first up on the dancefloor. As DK’s Associate Creative Director, she isn’t afraid to be quirky, funky, and a little off-norm; all tips she picked up in the good old days, when dial-up was still the standard mode of interconnection, and when you had to twiddle your thumbs and fill your brain with your own thoughts – instead of those of others. But with everything now running at high speed, she still manages to find time to breathe and focus on the essentials.

DK is a factory of “why not” and “how far” and “what if” and “let’s do it”.

As top-notch ideas brew behind her hard-wired full-rim glasses, Kelly puts in the extra mileage to bring a smile to people’s face and get her motley crew rowing – the right way. Although pretty mellow for such a hard worker, this multifaceted chick likes to remember where she came from when she’s on the job. Tugged from her roots and sprung in a small town of 4,000 (location: Planet Earth), Kelly’s an artsy and expert problem solver who looks to delight and ignite audiences on the daily.