Kelvin Chu photo
Kelvin Chu
Creative Director at SYPartners

Kelvin Chu – Big Picture Details

Kelvin leads with optimism and his positive energy helps his teams and clients see possibility in the face of challenge. He considers himself privileged to work with smart, intelligent and creative people at SYPartners, along with some of the world’s most influential leaders. As he seeks to ignite great change and solve problems in ways that will truly impact the world, Kelvin still finds inspiration in the small details and nuance of great design.

Design can be as beautiful as art; and it should be.

As someone who’s always been ready to pick up a pencil to sketch out his own imagination, Kelvin knows that small details can have a big impact. Seeking to elicit emotional rather than just rational reactions, Kelvin sees it as his team’s creative responsibility to make beautiful things that move people and speak to them on a human level.