Luis Cilimingras photo
Luis Cilimingras
Managing Director at IDEO

Luis Cilimingras – Take It Apart Before You Put It Together

Scooting around on his London city bike, Luis heads to work with a head full of juicy ideas –looking forward to his first morning coffee. Having also raced from Fiat to IDEO, he’s got that little something that keeps things edgy around the agency. As a Managing Director who’s responsible for Digital Innovation (and who’s spoken at Ted Active, too) Luis sees himself as a cultural translator and problem solver – which makes sense for someone who’s an engineer at heart. Ever-curious, he offers his teams the best conditions for personal growth by encouraging them to look below the surface of things…

We are only as successful as we are quick in learning new things… curiosity just accelerates the process.

An avid believer that people need to feel like they can get it wrong to get it right, Luis encourages both triumphs and failures, because you can’t make something fit together if you haven’t figured out all the different ways it could go together. Interested in attacking issues innovatively, he also knows that there has to be reciprocal trust to be successful. As with any project, there must be willingness from both sides to learn from each other.