Lynda Deakin photo
Lynda Deakin
Managing Director of Food Studio, Partner at IDEO

Lynda Deakin – Foodie & Proud

As the Managing Director of IDEO’s Food Studio and an unabashed foodie, some might think Lynda spends her days stuffing her face. In truth, this connoisseur’s role is about much more than that: She helps consumers get back in touch with the multisensory experience of eating.

Having travelled around the world at a young age, Lynda has explored an impressive variety of cuisines. Now using design as the key point in her trade, she encourages large corporations to rethink and strategically push the food movement forward by seemingly going back in time. From traditional sit-down meals (skipping over the mass-production of fast food) to preparing, slicing, and dicing all together once again… Lynda senses the change that’s in the air.

People have lost touch with food, they don’t know what to do in the kitchen. And design can help start a conversation with the industry about that.

For Lynda, it’s all about making companies accountable for the choices they make in relation to the consumer experience – and the planet. Concerned with the industry’s current environmental and health impact, she works in sync with food scientists, farmers, and chefs to reinforce her belief that the subject itself deserves a redesign. But of course, Lynda’s only human… and humans all enjoy the occasional donut… or two!