Madeleine Kronovet photo
Madeleine Kronovet
Strategist at Red Peak

Madeleine Kronovet – New York Blood

Where some may kill for the thrill on the big screen, Madeleine would actually kill for pizza. As the quintessential (modern) New Yorker, she’s been put on the map as the lady who, while strutting down the sidewalk in a flirty dress, is just as street smart as she is sassy. Always confident about the paths she chooses to follow, Madeleine also knows to take it all in, watch, and most importantly, listen…

It's such a privilege when your main role is to come into work and to be relied on for your brains... I feel very privileged.

An Anthropology and Psych graduate (and an Upper West Sider at heart), Madeleine knew she would feel trapped (and bored silly) working within the confines of a shrink’s office. As her loud voice carried over to communications, she eventually found her fit as a strategist – where she now chit-chats away all day, seeking out people’s motivations and what makes them tick. Of course, making branding relatable to the public is no easy feat (not to mention that she grew up being told it was evil), but this sarcastic chick’s got it covered. Working in the spirit of collaboration, miss K loves having accomplished something creative by the end of the day… That is, before she heads off to hit hard at soft ball… swimming within the city that she loves, moving through and all around her.