Merany Eldridge photo
Merany Eldridge
Project manager at SYPartners

Merany Eldridge – Leading with optimism and joy

Outgoing and dedicated, Merany helps her teams jump into action. She’s all about finding the balance that allows for productive workflow: proper feedback, happy and healthy colleagues, frequent check-ins, as well as tailored coaching when need be. Organized, resourceful, and optimistic, this team builder is at once emotional and analytical – with both sides of her brain engaged in helping her team be at its best.

I believe in bringing my full self to my work.

Merany possesses the emotional intelligence to quickly read and respond to just about any situation—a critical skill for any project manager navigating the complex work that SYPartners does. She relates to others using empathy and leads her team by example, in order to bring out the best in everyone. Merany knows not to take herself too seriously, preferring instead to embrace the spirit of joy to help SYPartners’ clients transform their companies. And since she works in San Francisco, Merany makes a point of embodying its core values, too—brining optimism and sense of possibility to her teams.