Michelle Caganap photo
Michelle Caganap
Group Account Director at Red Peak

Michelle Caganap – Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone

Bubbly, beautiful and radiant, Michelle’s smile says it all: emanate happiness and you will be happy. Leaving the Philippines at age two, this young woman grew up in Southern California, where the sun’s rays were just as bright as her attitude and most likely seeped into into her work ethic & philosophy…

I know it sounds corny… but I love the satisfaction I get from helping people.

With her wicked sense of style, Michelle struts down New York City streets with her pup in hand. As Red Peak’s Group Account Director, she prides herself on her ability to understand (and listen) to people’s needs – all while being pulled in a million different directions. She developed these talents, in part, by opening the Billionaire Boys Club in Soho (Pharrell William’s clothing line for his fans) before becoming a celebrity publicist.

Well versed in PR and managing meltdowns, Michelle explored fashion, lifestyle, finance and law, which led to a world of possibilities – and flexibility! “You need to be able to read different people and situations, in order to provide quality work that keeps everyone happy – and that the client could never have imagined.”