Sandy Speicher photo
Sandy Speicher
Managing Director of Education practice, Partner at IDEO

Sandy Speicher – The Modest Muppet

You’d have to be pretty magical to have a Muppet version of yourself. And while most still prefer the real Sandy, there’s no denying that the endearing character reflects her inner self outwards: Colorful, fun, approachable, and shaping the world around her through positive experience.

As a San Fran designer and part of IDEO’s Education think tank, Sandy seeks to creatively engage others by facilitating learning and improving education systems. Collaborating with both teachers and students, she also knows that everyone, big or small, can be empowered by compelling design. Sandy would however never make assumptions about anyone’s needs – rather asking with empathy before using her tools to help people discover their own creativity and value through accessible understanding.

It’s an exciting time to be a designer.

As an education landscape artist crafting social change, Sandy shakes up old ways of thinking and challenges corporate mindsets with made-to-measure learning. Not only has she helped redesign impoverished school systems, making sure the model becomes the mould in their respective countries, but she has also given a Ted Talk, and holds an impressive list of speaking highlights under her belt. It seems this modest Muppet knows exactly which strings to pull to get things going.