Sundi Brewer-Griffin photo
Sundi Brewer-Griffin
Senior Account Supervisor at Red Peak

Sundi Brewer-Griffin – Kicks & Tricks

A team player & self-proclaimed sneaker-head, Sundi is Red Peak’s Senior Account Supervisor & full-fledged football enthusiast. Originally from Austin – where he was born and bred to play –young Brewer held a spot in the semi-pros for a while… and just happened to be recruited by 40 Universities! No biggie. However, an unfortunate injury was a reminder that, while the dream may live on, no one can play forever. Although sacrifice is part of the game – his love for sports wound up propelling his passion for fashion… and sneakers.

When I meet someone, I like to look at their shoes first and then work my way up.

Now exploring the world of creative strategy, Sundi helps Red Peak’s clients connect with their consumers. He know a thing or two about that: “If Gatorade is good enough for Jordan, it’s good enough for me”. Indeed, largely influenced by the accomplishments of Michael and Nike, mentors also remind him to bring his passions into the white collar setting. Whether it’s playing flag football or running into a last minute meeting, this stylish team player’s always got game.