Tyler Chiang photo
Tyler Chiang
Production Artist at Red Peak

Tyler Chiang – The Queen of Queens

Meet Tyler, Red Peak’s stylish Production Artist, who believes her cultural heritage is what keeps her humble, despite (literally) fighting for her sassy New Yorker edge… as a full-fledged boxer! Not only was she shaped by her detail-oriented designer and art director training (which she still toys with on the side), but she also keeps her sharp eyes on track, thanks to freestyle punches that play counterbalance – and keep her grounded.

Do I think I’m awesome? I can’t actually say I’m awesome. But I’m pretty awesome!

Self-defined as androgynous, fun and a total tomboy – not to mention part of the American LGBT community – Tyler isn’t afraid to reach out to people, or to stand out. Now working as the last person in the creative chain, she’s also all about finesse. So while you might not expect such a sneakerhead to be so straight-cut and meticulous, let’s not forget that she started off carefully blinging out watches for rappers – and street racing in Queens. OK – so her family may not have been die-hard fans of her inner daredevil (or the fact that she sucked at math), but Tyler still respects the people who raised her, her culture, and especially her elders (something we could all afford to tear out from her book of wisdom…).