Andrew Greenway

I focus on helping organisations remove the structural blockers to teams delivering world-class digital services.

We often call this ‘bureaucratic hacking’. My role is about helping clients to understand what cultures, processes and incentives make the organisation tick, and guiding how to change them. Often the keys to reform are hidden in the darker, less glamorous corners.

I also spend a lot of time on the words Public Digital produces, and in 2018 wrote the book explaining our time leading the UK’s Government Digital Service and the approach we took to large-scale digital transformation.

What are you most excited about for kyu’s next 5 years?

Without diminishing the pain brought by the pandemic, the turmoil has also brought opportunity. The world will need creative answers to enormous challenges. It will also need to deliver them with a humanity often missing from corporate conversation. I’m excited about the talents that kyu can collectively bring to bear.

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