kyu’s purpose is to be a source of creativity which propels the economy and society forward.

kyu is a collective of strategically curated creative organizations. Each shares a belief that creative collaboration yields new solutions to the world's toughest problems.

Each partner company harnesses their creativity as a force of positive impact for the constituents they serve—and our firms join together on key issues to propel the greater economy and society forward.

The Work We Do

  • Transforming People & Organizations
  • Innovating Systems & Products
  • Digital Strategy & Design
  • Changing Behavior
  • Shaping Beliefs & Policy
  • Designing Spaces & Environments
  • Gathering to Change Mindsets
  • Digital Media & Data
  • Market-Making & Advertising

What binds kyu?

We’re all humans, being.

kyu companies share a common mixture of imagination, play, and practicality. And, in our own ways, each of us champions sei-katsu-sha in everything we do and make.

We’re all on the same path.

kyu’s purpose is to be a source of creativity that propels the economy and society forward.

We’re all or we’re nothing.

kyu companies fundamentally believe in the the power of collaboration to solve the world’s toughest challenges. And we trust that we have each other’s interests at heart.

We’re all different.

kyu firms believe that a variety of ideas and entrepreneurial approaches create better shared outcomes. We respect each other’s choices.

We’re all in.

kyu is built both for immediate growth and long-term potential and seeks to act in ways that advance people’s lives today and in the future.

We’re open to all.

As kyu begins to tackle the great challenges of our age, we welcome the partnership of others with gratitude and the contributions of others with humility.

kyu is the strategic operating unit of Hakuhodo DY Holdings. It was created in 2014 to invest in all forms of creativity, innovation, and international growth.

kyu listens with humility, learns with energy, is disciplined and driven to succeed through vision, ingenuity, hard work, and a deep commitment to humanity.