Elana Gorbatyuk

As Global CSO of Sid Lee, my role is to imagine and raise the most progressive strategies and strategists for the future of our business.

Strategy’s role is to unlock bigger opportunities and design better runways for creativity and brands to thrive. I am obsessed with building support systems and structures for Sid Lee to groom next gen strategic partners to push boundaries for creativity; accountable to driving growth for business units; and able to drive strategic client relationships. I am also incredibly privileged to work alongside our Executives to envision, shape and build the future of our own business so it anticipates and stands up to change in our own Sid Lee way.

What are you most excited about for kyu’s next 5 years?

I’m most excited about the opportunity the kyu community has to bring the best creative intelligence to society and issues each of our first and all our clients are becoming increasingly responsible for.

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