Jean-François Bouchard

My job is to support the C2 executive team to progressively transform the company from a fast-growing start-up into a leading international events company.

My Chairman title might suggest I sit on top of things and only strategize, but the reality is quite different—I get down in the mud with a smile when it is demanded of me. I am making the best contribution when I can both think about the future and give a helping hand in the present.

Why did you join kyu?

kyu was the right home for us because the group values one thing above all else: the talent. In every conversation, every decision, kyu was always more interested in retaining and recruiting great people than in operational control or fiscal performance. Of course, these things are valued as well, but kyu believes that success will happen naturally if talent is the main focus. To this day, kyu has been true to this founding belief.