Jeremy Woodlee

Focusing on unlocking the power of data for marketers.

Jeremy is an experienced sales, marketing, product, and operations leader with a passion for solving big problems and building big businesses. For 20+ years, Jeremy has been at the forefront of digital change in media and advertising. From the early dot-com days of Silicon Valley where he worked at WebMD, to trailblazing digital mapping at NAVTEQ (now HERE Technologies), to the early days of online classifieds at, to the origins of programmatic advertising at the Rubicon Project (now Magnite), to building the largest ad exchange in the world at Google, to the emergence of Generative AI as a marketing tool at Accenture, Jeremy has led the creation of numerous technologies and businesses that are enormous parts of our current media and advertising markets.

In recent years, Jeremy has focused on the problem of unlocking the power of data for marketers. Starting at the very origin of programmatic advertising, he has helped build the platforms and tools for advertisers to target customers more granularly. At the Rubicon Project, he led their first team managing buyers of media. At Google, he worked again on the buyside with the earliest incarnations of Demand Side Platforms and Real Time Bidding, helping partners like the Trade Desk and Amazon grow into very large buyers of media. Having helped establish the marketplace, he then managed Google's most sophisticated partners who resold Google Marketing Platform products and provided essential value-added services to advertisers. In the past few years, he managed Accenture's relationship with Google Ads, focusing on building and selling offerings that empowered clients to own cloud technology for marketing use cases. Data is what has fueled this journey. Marketers' data being unlocked with ever greater levels of sophistication to make their advertising work better.

At Napkyn, Jeremy is excited to complete that journey, leading a business that takes the best technologies available from Google to provide advertisers access, insights, and activation of their customer and marketing data in advertising.