Joey Camire

Joey is a Principal and Managing Director at SYLVAIN. After escaping from the world of neuroscience and psychology, Joey became part of the founding team at SYLVAIN in 2010. Here, he’s led innovation and brand strategy work for clients including Google, GM, Afterpay, Waze, VF Corp, Bloomberg and many more.

Joey is, unavoidably, a systems thinker— assessing problems in context, making creative leaps, and intuitively connecting far-flung dots. He approaches the gnarliest of challenges with preternatural calm and focuses on the big picture. In addition, Joey serves as the host of SYLVAIN’s podcast, Critical Nonsense, and Editor in Chief of Progress Report, the non-traditional business intelligence platform created by SYLVAIN.

He also spearheaded the production of our book, The Dots, an in-depth study deconstructing influence for brands and institutions in contemporary culture, and our documentary Instafame, an exploration into the psychological impact of digital fame on young people.