Keith Yamashita

I am fascinated and compelled by the question: What makes some humans flourish and others not?

My focus in my work and in my life is about resilience and renewal—how we build a capacity for loving-kindness, creativity, and making a positive impact. I think that the realm of business and greater society is looking for new models, new ways of being, new approaches. I see my role as a catalyst and champion of these emerging positive forces—to build a world where we feel a sense of belonging, where we can commune and work with people from many different backgrounds, where the diversity of each of us leads to the flourishing of all of us. That is my focus at SYPartners and that is my focus at kyu.

What are you most excited about for kyu’s next five years?

Against the backdrop of the 120+ year history of Hakuhodo, kyu is in its very beginning stages. I would characterize the first five years as building trust, getting to know one another, and welcoming terrific talents into our collective. In the next five years, we will now look toward the issues, themes, and areas of potential impact where we can make a meaningful difference. In short: We harness our great diversity of talent and our creativity to up our impact. For me, that gives meaning and motivation. It’s why we do what we do.

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