Kerem Alper

In my role as co-founder of ATÖLYE, I help set the vision and strategy with the mission of creating a talent-learning and creative work-led organization.

I try to utilize my background in systems theory, behavioral sciences, and sustainable design to passionately design interventions to systemic challenges. I strive to guide our creative community to embody an ecosystem-driven business mindset and interact with clients and partners to ensure ATÖLYE fulfills its mission to accelerate learning on a personal and organizational level.

Why did you join kyu?

kyu and ATÖLYE are 21st-century projects built on the guiding principle of community. Joining kyu is an excellent opportunity for ATÖLYE to provide the community-crafting methods kyu will amplify on a global scale. I am thrilled that ATÖLYE will be tackling more high-level challenges and learn from them in the international arena, with kyu’s shared vision of “propelling societies forward.”

Official Bio