Mike Craven

What’s your main focus in your role?

I founded Lexington nearly 25 years ago and my role as chair is to lead our brilliant team in maintaining our leadership in our markets. We have the best and brightest people delivering the most innovative and professional services to our clients. I want Lexington to continue to shape tomorrow for the next 25 years.

What about kyu most excites you?

Kyu is unique. It brings together brilliant and innovative businesses across the world. In any consulting business, you have to continually learn if you want to grow and by creating such a diverse collective, kyu provides an opportunity for us at Lexington to collaborate with different complementary consultancies to our mutual benefit. At Lexington we say our business is to work on clients to shape tomorrow. The great thing about kyu is that what all its member business are doing in their own markets. It’s an exciting opportunity.