Remy Stiles

As CEO of Kepler’s North America business, I am focused on catalyzing key initiatives in our largest market.

Since its founding in 2012, I’ve been focused on growing Kepler’s business, building our Client Solutions team, and leading strategic initiatives and expansion. I’ve had the privilege of leading our collaboration across kyu on a variety of projects, from specific client engagements to employee knowledge sharing, to educational training sessions. The kyu member companies have complementary expertise and we all have so much to learn from one another. The passion and enthusiasm within kyu is contagious.

What are you most excited about for kyu’s next 5 years?

 I look forward to continuing to innovate and collaborate across kyu and drive meaningful change for our clients and our organizations. At a time when brands require so much more from their marketing partners, I’m excited to see Kepler continue to innovate to address the changing marketing and data landscape, deliver thoughtful solutions, and drive breakthrough business performance.