Scott Dadich

I create dynamic stories that span many genres, from the written word to filmmaking and design.

As Editor in Chief of WIRED, I was charged with looking into the future and identifying the forces changing our lives. I created and executive produced Abstract: The Art of Design, a Netflix documentary series about the visionary designers shaping the world around us. As CEO of Godfrey Dadich Partners I bring that journalistic approach, design expertise and exacting eye together to lead the team in creating narratives—from documentary films and longform journalism to corporate strategies and campaigns.

Why did you join kyu?

By embracing the qualities that drive the very best journalism—curiosity, openness, integrity, and rigor—we enable organizations to tell their own stories, foster trust, engender understanding, and compel action. We know kyu’s expertise, experience, and global reach can help us do more, faster, than we would be able to do on our own.

Official Bio