Susan Schuman

How do we as leaders drive a shift in how power has been traditionally held? How must we rethink growth at all costs in an era when purpose matters more than ever? What is our responsibility in a world suffering from a complete erosion of trust in leadership? How will we lead with humanity, to bring out the best in ourselves and others?

These questions compel me now more than ever—as CEO at SYPartners for the past twenty years, as an advisor to our clients and partners, as a board member, and as a founding member of kyu. As questions of power, growth, responsibility, and humanity become more pressing and more complex, I am focused on helping my teams, clients, and partners unlock visionary new ways of working—to transform their cultures, and to design more impactful models of governance, leadership, organizations, and systems.

Why did you join kyu?

We founded kyu a little over five years ago, and today I am most excited about putting in place the strategy and models that make our purpose a reality—to use creativity to propel the economy and society forward. I see many new ways of collaborating, cooperating, creating and operating across the collective, and believe that now is our time to accelerate and activate kyu for everyone we touch: our employees, our partners, our communities, and the world.

Official Bio