Tim Brown

Tim Brown

What’s next for design? In my role as Chair of IDEO, that’s the question I’m continually asking, both in terms of where IDEO should be turning its attention, and how, as a team of creative people, we should be going about our work.

Through writing and speaking, and through guiding the choices we make within IDEO, I try to champion the interdisciplinary, multi-faceted nature of design. I am proud of our progress in applying design thinking to topics such as service design, system design and strategy, and across sectors such as education, health, government, technology, the social sector, and business.

Why did you join kyu?

Throughout my career I have consistently asked one question — what should design do next? kyu offers the opportunity to take that to the next level and for design to act at a new scale of impact. We can hold the questions most relevant to business and society — cooperating with great individuals and organizations across the spectrum of creative disciplines — to construct lasting and meaningful solutions.

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